O floare nonconventionala pentru fiecare


Azi, de 1 martie vreau sa urez tuturor domnitelor mame, bunici, surori, iubite, cumnate,etc. o primavara calduroasa si luminoasa si sa ofer  cadou, o idee de buchet de flori facute intr-un mod mai putin conventional.Va pup.

Sursa model: http://marrietta.ru/post219068343/

3ad5a190e6d243c35e558d1490b9e06f [1] (450x600, 121Kb)

c07bd02f7f2f057264d7df88fad64a6b [1] (600x450, 91Kb)

f306898b095fe2ff169eb3d41ba757a5 [1] (431x600, 146Kb)

4b0cb5800d598ea521aca1ffeb0c29d1 [1] (600x450, 251Kb)

Take a fork and wound on her yellow yarn.

02bf026ceae2053ba99ec768578481a7 [1] (600x450, 225Kb)

Gypsy needle with a solid yellow line paving the thread in the middle, then back again. This is for convenience.

02bf026ceae2053ba99ec768578481a7 [1] (600x450, 225Kb)

Clay thickly smeared centerline.

814157ca4e292f07162dc3b7fb6386a4 [1] (600x450, 242Kb)

Remove blade with fork and twist it with a roller.

1158bd06d0b15daf993ad61c78ceba32 [1] (600x461, 196Kb)

Then thread tightly rewind middle part (about 1/3 of the total width). It turns so his dumbbells)

033ab9f72bbd4f1a4a72301c4cc1a0e4 [1] (600x434, 216Kb)

Top again promazyvayut glue and leave to dry.

After drying, take a knife and cut „dumbbell” in the middle („Saw weights are gold” (c)))). So, we got two flower-blanks.

db4b109d094859e11e31c652a44824e1 [1] (600x450, 213Kb)

Scissors cut the loop „brushes.” Comb comb, scissors and give shape to another comb.

c5619356254aea12e81d6fca3c656efc [1] (600x450, 192Kb)

Sepal to take the green yarn, cut into pieces of her length of 3-4 cm

06de29f0762b477294cb12a56d8c32e0 [1] (600x392, 206Kb)

Take a thin needle to pull out of the thread and yarn segments strung on a string at a distance of approx. 2/3 of the petals.

dc5636a01cebed7e5f900309e6b34aac [1] (600x450, 221Kb)

Should get a track long enough to wrap her had our flower.

548786dcff642de606308132cb86fd40 [1] (600x450, 238Kb)

Scissors equate the upper edge. Make another line at a distance of half a centimeter from the first in the opposite direction.

9531f284c11a9e70bf52b77a94866ca9 [1] (600x450, 238Kb)

Flower oil the glue, take the track and turn around its middle part of the bottom of the flower.

be41da0d920e5cef2e4e9e25e1bd214b [1] (600x450, 159Kb)

Firmly pressed, the thread on which are strung tight wrap on top.

9357d10e4c55f91cb59e7ccb92972b3a [1] (600x450, 174Kb)

The bottom edge is cropped close enough to cut the flower. Shear thickly drip glue and presses the tips.

3498f8a011224a7eddabad10b628cc94 [1] (600x482, 204Kb)

Leave to dry.

To take the stem wire, lubricate it with glue and wrap the green yarn.

d176d1d09858938c89946b35aba59440 [1] (600x454, 143Kb)

Ends, so does not spill temporarily wrapped with thin thread. Like this:

b0c012ece409acb75246456135cfba24 [1] (600x415, 228Kb)

Give dry.

Gypsy needle make a hole in the center of the sepal and glue insert stem. Sepal tips again with glue and grease presses, if they have fallen behind.

9a1366284cc821ee632f9a0094f76d17 [1] (450x600, 155Kb)

We give our final dry flowers …

Kind of flower can be varied – from large to small, and to the bud. You can take a plug of a different size, you can wrap the thread is wider in the middle, you just have to cut the finished flower more petals)). At bud petals shorter, but longer petals sepal.

Well florets attached to a leaf.

Knit a leaf from the same green yarn, just remove it from the three strands of 7. Hook 1.75.

The leaves also can link different size, changing the number of columns and trebles in them.

Here is a tentative leaf

5a0942030023cf8a425466f0674c738b [1] (600x488, 198Kb)

At the beginning of the leave is long tail thread to wrap her stalk leaf.

When knitting the second row along the chain, paving the wire and tied it sc. Knitting scheme mate leaf, thread breaks, from the base of the leaf vyvyazyvaem mate.

Linking leaf, smeared with glue and wire wrapped with her left first thread.

afe7d050e45d8e188ec4f999d2c8cae5 [1] (450x600, 166Kb)


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